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Wizard Rundown

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Wizard Rundown

As a wizard you will be looking for equipment that has MC (Magic Class) and MAC (Magic Armour Class).

MC is a direct damage amplifier for all your spells, stacking this is crucial as a wizard to do the most damage possible.
MAC is the defensive stat you will generally prioritise, as you are susceptible to ranged attacks you will want to mitigate the damage they do.

Out of all 3 classes, Wizards have the quickest clear speeds against normal packs of monsters, but it comes at a price of survivability.
Generally your equipment will have low AC (if any at all) accompanied by your naturally low health pools, means you can’t get caught out for too long,
This doesn’t mean you are by any means exposed, as wizards do have a Magic Shield which reduces damage from all sources for a period of time.Stacking Slow and Freezing will allow some of your spells to more consistently slow and freeze your targets, allowing you to be able to kite and survive
extended fights.