Mir 2 Odyssey


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Warrior Rundown

As a Warrior you will be looking for Items that have DC (Destructive Class) and AC (Armour Class).
Due to your close combat play style most normal melee combat use DC which AC protects you against; so stacking this is vital to be
able to successfully fight off groups of monsters at any one time.

One of the rarest stats, but most beneficial to a warrior is AttackSpeed, this allows you to attack faster with any melee attack.
Stacking this later on in the game will improve your dungeon clear speeds dramatically, so do not write off low level items with AttackSpeed!

You will be quite susceptible to Magic attacks, due to the limited access to MAC on warrior equipment, so finding MAC items you can equip are always worth
keeping a hold off, in case you come across a high magic damage area, or want to protect yourself from Wizards and Taoists in PvP!