Mir 2 Odyssey

UI Refresh

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UI Refresh

We have strived to make a much more appealing UI then the default ones you tend to see.

We have done this by making the UI minimalistic, while still being efficient.

Your new Main Dialog looks like:

You also have a completely moveable ChatBox, and chat filters.


All other windows and dialogs in the game have had face lifts and adjustments, most notably the guild menus.

New Front Page (shows your own guild name at the top) + Buff Management

A much bigger (and even more expandable guild storage)

Allows you to see your members total contributions to the guild

You can now increase member caps higher than the flat cap, by paying, but it does get costly, quick
You can also guild war from this menu (but it costs much more to do this outside of safezone) and even prepare your guild for a Castle War!