Mir 2 Odyssey

Titles & Colours

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Titles & Colours

Through your adventures you will be able to gain access to a multitude of Titles and Colours.


Titles are obtained by a variety of methods, completing quests, challenges, achievements, and hitting other thresholds, such as hitting certain levels.
There will also be titles exclusive to in-game events and time limited gold purchases!

The title is a cosmetic feature that allows you to have your name similar to the following:
[Insert Title Example Image]



Similar to titles, name colours are locked behind a variety of methods to obtain different colours.

And as titles, this is also a cosmetic feature that allows you to change your in-game name colour from the default “white”.
[Insert Colour Example Image]

However other colours will show over this include:
*Being Yellow/Red Due to PK Point Thresholds
*Being at war with other guilds or in a WarZone
*Being Brown when attacking other players

Once these colours no longer persist, your chosen colour will re-appear.