Mir 2 Odyssey

Taoist Spells

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Heals friendly target over time

Spirit Sword

Provides you with additional passive accuracy


Inflict red/green poison on a single target (requires poison bag)


Fire an amulet at your target dealing damage.


Summon a Skeleton to aid you in combat, AI and appearance changes as the skill levels.


Consume an amulet to hide yourself from certain monsters

Mass Hiding

Hide all friendly targets in a 3×3 AoE


Reveals the HP bar of your target.

Holy Shield

Give yourself and all allies in a large area AC/MAC/DC/SC and MC buff

Enhance EXP

Buff you and other friendly targets with a temporary EXP Boost

Energy Repulsor

Push back lower level enemy targets that surround you

Trap Hexagon

Trap lower level enemy targets in, damage breaks the trap.


Remove ailments such as poisons from your target.

Mass Healing

Casts healing in a 3×3 AoE


Causes target enemy monster to turn on its allies.

Summon Shinsu

Summons a DragonWolf to aid you in combat, Look changes as the spell levels.


Revives a target ally, requires Revival Amulet to work.

Summon Holy Deva

Summons a Battle Fairy to aid you in combat, providing range damage.


Inflict slowing poison on enemies in a 4×4 AoE


Has a chance to inflict a random poison on enemy targets in a 3×3 AoE

Poison Cloud

Create a persisting cloud of poison that damages all enemies that walk through it.

Energy Shield

Target Yourself or an Ally, if you die while the shield is active, you are revived.

Pet Enhancer

Provides additional stats to allied monsters, stats varying depending on the creature it’s cast on.

Explosive Amulet

Fire an amulet that can hit additional targets nearby your primary target.


Swap locations with yourself and a target ally.

Healing Totem

(Totem Skills share CD)
Place a static totem that heals allies within 2 spaces of the totem’s placement

Defiling Totem

(Totem Skills share CD)
Place a static totem that damages enemies within 2 spaces of the totem’s placement

Divine Judgement

Fires out a ball of blinding light, having a chance to stop all sources of light if striking a target player.