Mir 2 Odyssey


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Story of Odyssey

The Beginning….

The lands of Odyssey have been under constant threat by foul and fearsome creatures, the only thing stopping them is the Arcane Isle Settlement.
For decades they have been training the most feared protectors in all of Odyssey, many fall in combat, but there are always new recruits to replace them.

You will start your Journey as an apprentice in one of the three specialities the Arcane Isle teaches in,
Elementalism, which will take you down the path of a Wizard
Close Combat, which will train you to become a Warrior.
Summoner & Support, which will allow you to become a Taoist.

You will be allowed to leave Arcane Isle only once you have completed all of its training, here you will be directed to Bichon Province to hone in your skills, however you are then free
to roam any lands you wish, but be careful, different areas will have varying difficulties!

The World of Odyssey…

For generations the lands have been ravaged by the spawns of Evil Mir, a legendary creature that was once seen as the most powerful entity in all of Odyssey.

Although EvilMir is still alive deep inside its old temple, it is no longer the major threats to the Province’s lands, since its subjugation a decade ago.
Prajna Island and Bichon have an alliance and have been researching new and powerful magic, in case they ever were to encounter any creature like EvilMir, however this very research and the use of TimeCrystals, have caused the very problem they were trying to defend against, they opened a portal to another world, this event is known as the conjunction.

The creatures from this world, are more horrifying and powerful then anything that have stood before the Odysseian’s, but they all come from one area, simply known as “The Void”, rumoured to be controlled by 2 entities aptly named the Void Queen and Void King.

These event have also caused a rippling effect through the entire world, awakening legendary creatures that were thought to only be rumours.

The Obsidian Black Dragon of Black Dragon Dungeon & The White Devil Dragon of White Dragon Swamp were both awoken and have since disappeared, The swamps entrance collapsing in the White Dragons Awakening!