Mir 2 Odyssey


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We have added a socketing system!

This will allow players to obtain sockets on their equipment.
Slots will randomly be added when they drop, so a specific item can drop with a range of open sockets!

At the start of the game, there are a limited amount of Jewels (these are what go in sockets)

Normal Jewels – these are specifically locked to certain items, MC/SC/DCJewels are locked to jewellery and weapons for example.
[NORMAL socket example]

Grand Jewels – these jewels are open to any socket, allowing you to socket a MC/SC/DC grand jewel into a helmet or armour, for example
[GRAND Socket Example]

Cosmetic Jewels – these are specifically locked to Shoulder Pads /Costume items, these jewels allow you to get extra EXP/Drop/Gold%!
[Cosmetic Example]