Mir 2 Odyssey

Small Features

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Feature List

These aren’t exclusively all features in the game, but they are some notable additions

More Fluid Item Movements
We have made it so moving items between storage, shops (selling) and other functions feel a lot less clunky.
When your inventory is open along side one of these windows you can now press Ctrl and Click and it will pass Storage <-> Inventory.
You can use the same feature in shops, along side auto sell to quickly sell up your last hunt’s items!

Auto Cast Spell
If you hold Ctrl+Click a spell on your spell bar it will begin to auto cast this spell, handy for those times you want to afk
and level your spell without having to macro the key to be pressed!

We have made some big changes to the lighting, allowing players to still have the immersion of darkness in caves and when provinces turn night,
without it being an awful visual experience.

Veteran Buff
This buff will be in from release day
If you have a character that is a higher level on the same account, your lower level characters will get a considerable EXP buff;
This allows players to have multiple characters and re-roll characters without it feeling like a punishment.

Scaling Catch-up Buff
To help the ‘Casual’ player base keep up with the ‘Hardcore’ players, we have added a new EXP Level Differential buff.
Every player will get a buff that gives them 5% EXP per level difference between them and the highest level of their class.
So if you are level 20warrior , and the highest warrior is level 30, you will have a 50% EXP buff!

So, if you start late, re-roll or just don’t log in as much, you will have a natural bonus!

Unique Surroundings
Exploring the vast lands of Odyssey has become that little bit more interesting, we have brand new provinces to explore with both old and new caves, every area has its own unique mob set, too!
You will come across completely new mob sets in various areas, there are also a lot of new sub-bosses and bosses, so keep your eyes peeled.