Mir 2 Odyssey

Monster Levelling

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Monster Levelling

We have included a monster levelling system for all monsters within Odyssey.

Similar to how pets level, when every last monster spawns, it has a small chance to spawn at a specific level, the higher levels are less likely to spawn.
Again similar to pets, a monsters level is shown by the change in their name colour.

Monsters will spawn between level 0(default) up to level 7 (max)
Each level will apply a specific set of conditions to the monster:

  • Higher Base Stats Per Level(HP, M/AC, DC etc)
  • Better EXP and Drop Rates
  • Better Drops (Levelled monsters can drop higher than their own grade of item)

Level 7 will also have some additional conditions

  • Flat increase in their stats (on top of the % multiplier per level)
  • Additional Movement and Attack Speed
  • Unique Drops to Level 7 Monsters
  • Insanely better drop rates

Every monster, from a Hen to OmaKingSpirit are effected by this system, so you will always need to be on your guard for these higher level monsters.
A Boss you can potentially solo even when its level 1 or 2, you will struggle when it’s level 7.