Mir 2 Odyssey


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Vaults (or Treasure Rooms) are an in game feature we added for an additional factor for boss killers.

Certain Kings-rooms have hidden vaults linked to them, that can only be accessed once the Boss guarding them has been killed.

Once the boss is dead and you find the entrance to the vault, you will be moved to a new map, littered with Gold and Chests everywhere. In this room you will see various chests you can interact with, each chest has certain conditions to open;

  • SilverChest – You can only open one Silver Chest a day (across all vaults)
    These can contain similar items from the area and gold, depending on the Vault you are in.
  • GoldChests – You can only open these with a GoldenKey (the GoldenKey works on any GoldChest in any vault)
    These contain better rewards than the SilverChests
  • VaultofKings – Each vault has a specific chest, that can only be unlocked by the relevant key, so a VaultofWooma, requires the WoomaEmblem.
    These chests can contain a huge variety of rare items, appropriate for that area, you also have a small chance to obtain a unique item from the vault, that can only be gained from opening that specific vault!

Obtaining these keys have various methods, which you will have to find out in-game!