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Monster Evolution

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Monster Evolution

We have added in an evolution system not only to Bosses but some monsters as well.
How the evolution system works, is dependant on whether it’s processing a Boss or a normal monster.

Evolution on Bosses

The Evolution system on bosses is quite straight forward, if a boss is killed, there is a chance as it’s dying, to be regenerated as an Evolved version.
The evolved version will be stronger, faster and can even have a more complex AI, however it will also prove to be a lot more fruitful once slain.


Evolution on Creatures 

Not all creatures can evolve, however, depending on the creature, certain criteria need to be met to initiate a normal creatures evolution.
The evolution requirements can from a range of that creatures allies being slain, how long the monster has been engaged in combat for, as well as other potential factors, various mobs will have different criteria

Evolved Creatures will be more difficult but also provide a good amount of EXP, Gold and a Mass Drop.