Mir 2 Odyssey

Empyrean City

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The conjuction has also caused many shifts on Odysseys own world terrain, a huge Metropolis known as Empyrean City, which resides on its own huge island, has appeared.
The few scouts that have made it there and back managed to report of a magnificent city, many times larger than any ever seen, however it has been over run by all sorts of vile creatures.

*This is the first content update to the game and is live on day release*

Upon reaching a certain level, you will be able to access Empyrean City by boat, here you will need to work with all other players within the server to fend off threats, complete quests and help Empyrean’s repel the enemy forces and once again rebuild their home.

Emyprean Seige Objectives
*Push Back the Fodder, Kill all types of creatures, their deaths will mount up and you will eventually repel their forces.
*Collect Items and Crafting materials, specifically dropped by these monsters and hand them into NPCs to help gather resources to rebuild the City.
*Complete Daily Quests for the bands of Empyrean Citizens to help them rally their morale.
*Donate Gold to help Empyrean City rebuild it’s economy.
*And complete many other objectives….
*Once all the above objectives are complete, you will spawn an Epic Boss “Queen Andariel”

The Seige Ending
*QueenAndariel has a huge HP pool, however will never regenerate her health.
*You will need multiple fights to take her out, even as a large groups banding together.
*Once Slain, everyone will leave Empyrean City to allow them to rebuild their City.

The Rebuilding of Empyrean City
*Empyrean City will begin rebuilding with the materials and gold donated to them in the first stage of the seige.
*Depending on the values donated, will depend on how quick the Emyprean City will be rebuilt
*The Rebuilding can take as little as a week up to a month.

Empyrean City, Reborn.
Once the city is rebuilt, you will have access to a huge amount of new things.
Just a few of the many, many thing that this new city will unlock:
* A New City Hub
* Access to new Dungeons, with new Bosses and even new Epic Bosses.
* Access to Empyrean’s Story Quest Line
* Access to new Daily Quests, Cave Quests and Optional Quests
* Access to Empyrean’s Crafting district, allowing new, never seen before items and sets to be created using resources around the lands.
* New Map Events will be found around the Empyrean Province
* Progress the story further with Stregobor, Triss and Alzur investigating the Void.
Any much, much more!