Mir 2 Odyssey

Card Collection System

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Card Collection

Within Mir we have added a card album for all those who like to collect even more things, for more rewards!

This card album allows you to collect uniquely created cards for every single monster in-game, both a basic and shiny version are available for every card.

Collecting a full set of either normal of shiny versions will reap all kinds of rewards, but that’s not all, each card has a “Card Value” which will rank you against all other players!

All cards drop unidentified as a simple “?”, you can use the unidentified card to reveal it, however it will automatically place it into your album, if its a duplicate it will DESTROY the card.

You can identify the card at a card collector, for a cost.
This will allow you either use the card for your own collection or sell it on to other players!

Card Examples:
Showing the monsters real stats and level, allowing you to know if you are able to do things such as tame/turn undead the monsters.