Mir 2 Odyssey


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There are three types of bosses;

  • Sub-Boss
  • Boss
  • Epic Boss

All three types of bosses are distinctive in that they have a title above their name, and generally adhere to the characteristics below.


  • Areas tend to contain multiple
  • They can be found on various floors in each cave
  • Higher difficulty then the normal monsters
  • They always Mass Drop
  • Can drop items equivalent to the level required to kill it


  • Areas only contain one
  • They can only be found within their areas Kings Room
  • Have a high difficulty rating
  • They always Mass Drop
  • They have a chance on death to be reborn in an evolved state
  • Generally need small groups to kill when at the equivalent level

Epic Boss

  • Areas only contain one
  • They have specific requirements to be reached or to be spawned
  • They have a very high difficulty rating
  • They always mass drop and always guaranteed to drop at least 1 item
  • On death they have a chance to spawn a ton of mobs to avenge them
  • Generally you will need a decent size group to take them down when at an equivalent level

Over time more and more people may be able to solo the lower level bosses, however the idea is that Epic Bosses will always require groups (as people get stronger the groups may be able to shrink to defeat them)